Home Biology is an engineering firm which provides consulting services for creating healthy living conditions in homes and workplaces and protecting from modern environmental hazards.

Currently situated in Athens, Greece, Home Biology conducts electromagnetic field surveys in commercial and residential properties, measuring high and low frequency electromagnetic fields and proposes measures to reduce radiation exposure.

We help buyers invest in real estate properties with low electromagnetic field levels and advise construction companies on how to create buildings that meet the requirements of low electromagnetic exposure required by international ecological standards (ÖKOPASS, GreenStar, IBE Healthy Home Standard etc).

We import and sell radiation shielding materials, radiation measurement instruments and other products that help the general public cope with current technological hazards.

Home Biology was founded by Michael Kagkelidis, Mechanical Engineer of the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, Building Biology Practitioner certified by the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology and Geobiological Consultant by the German Institut Geo-Baubiologie.

For the effects of electromagnetic fields and modern ways of protection, he has written articles in many magazines and websites (Holistic Life, Bionews, Health for All, Special Life etc).

In 2013 he was presented as representative of innovative Greek entrepreneurship by the European Worldwatch Institute, which is an independent research organization that provides guidance to governments and citizens for an environmentally sustainable society.

All our services are available to our English speaking costumers!

Home Biology’s electromagnetic field surveys are also offered in English. Our engineer speaks English fluently and also provides you with a English report with the measurements recorded and the proposed solutions to reduce your radiation exposure.

Home Biology is the No1 independent EMF surveys company in Greece, having performed hundreds of radiation measurements in residential and commercial properties.

Our support stuff also speaks English and can help you with any electromagnetic field (EMF) related problem and guide you to our other services and products:

  • Electromagnetic field meters: We sell a variety of easy to use and reliable radiation meters so you can perform the measurements by yourself (all with english manuals).
  • Electromagnetic field meters rental service: With a cost of 40-70 euros per 2 day rental (including all shipping costs) you can rent any of our 5 top radiation meters!
  • Electromagnetic radiation shielding materials: Protect yourself from the electromagnetic fields of cell phone masts, WiFi networks, etc. with special reflective paints, window films, fabrics, canopies, curtains and meshes.

Why Home Biology?

  • We provide the largest Greek and one of the largest internationally, information database about the sources and dangers of modern electromagnetic pollution.
  • We regularly update our websites with new articles and important news from around the world.
  • We add an important factor in the holistic health area, explaining the connection of artificial radiation with most modern degenerative diseases.
  • We carry out independent radiation measurements using professional equipment and following innovative measurement protocols.
  • Our innovative studies on the creation of buildings with low electromagnetic field exposure and Wireless Free Zones, gave a new dimension to bioclimatic architecture and opened new horizons for manufacturers, brokers, hoteliers, treatment centers, etc.
  • We find solutions that combine technological amenities with the least possible biological effects in humans.
  • We monitor the global market for innovative health and safety products by modern environmental hazards.
  • We protect you from unnecessary expenses on dozens "magical" EMF protection products which have flooded the market.
  • We make "ethical" trade, informing you about the advantages and disadvantages of the products we recommend.

For more English written information on electromagnetic radiation sources, health effects, meters etc...

Please visit our international website www.home-biology.com!

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